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CHS & Okuma 129 Pictures Hollywood

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CHS & OKoma 129 Pictures is a Television Commercial Production Company that specializes in producing cutting edge TV commercials,  client direct projects, as well as online marketing content.    

Based in Los Angeles CA. CHS & Okma129 Pictures strives to deliver compelling visions to all of our projects,  no matter their size or budget. We understand the need  to complete jobs on budget and on time.     

129 Pictures was born from the idea that bigger is not always butter. especially in the advertising and film industries .  

The dynamics of communication are focused more clearly when the infrastructure of the company is streamlined and efficient.   

We value the fact that collaboration is the key to any successful campaign , and enjoy the process.

The environment  of traditional branding of  a product or service  has dramatically  shifted with the advent of the Internet and New Media.

It is this global change that CHS & Okma129 Pictures is most excited about  in pursuing , we are always looking around the curve to deliver forward  thinking in all of our work, while maintaining a high production value coupled with a sensible price tag.






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