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Bio-medical Research Products

  Bio-medical Research Products

Anti-cancer research
Paclitaxel, >99.5% (natural extract)
Aging research
Pharmaceutical grade human growth hormone (HGH, injection)
Pharmaceutical grade IGF 1LR3(injection)
Pharmaceutical grade Endogenous thrombopoietin (rhTPO, injection)
Long term culture of human T cells  (stimulated by PHA)
Long term culture of human T cells  (stimulated EBV by Transferred B cell )
Long term culture of human T cells  (stimulated by CD3 & CD28 beads )
Human B cell lines  
Human B cell lines pellets
Human B cell lines DNA 
Human B cell lines RNA
Human B cell lines irradiated by gamma radiation
RNA Products
Pre-made MTNB (multiple human tissue northern Blots)
Total RNA of human tissues
Poly A+  RNA of human tissues
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