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                                    Wholesale/Retail Inquires call

Tel: 1-(310)-800-6668

Fax: 1-(714)-997-1956

All CHS-brand products are available at wholesale prices to distributors, retailers and health care professionals. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products possible, through the best sales channels available, including our network of brokers.

 For a list of wholesale products and pricing information, please provide us with your company profile. Click one of the options listed below.

International Inquiries -click here  or send e-mail: info@chsir.com

USA Inquiries - click here

Once we receive your information, the appropriate customer service representative will follow-up with you within 48 hours, will forward our complete list of wholesale products and answer any questions.

U.S. Retailers contact: info@chsir.com

U.S. and Canadian Distributors, Bulk and International sales inquiries contact:

  customer service

Chinese distributors contact:

Amy Ren 310-800-3336  or E-mail

India, South Asia and middle-east distributors contact: sk7689@yahoo.com 

Health Professionals contact: Charlie Zhu

tech support: xiaomiz@uci.edu


Need immediate attention?

If you have a sales inquiry that needs immediate attention, please call 1-310-800-6668

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*Some items are for export only and  not  for retail sale in US.  Please check each product information page for more detail.

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