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About us

CHS International Research LTD were found in 1995 by a group of Medical research professionals who have MD and/or PhD degree. Our members are working on different medical fields included aging research and medical practice.  West Alliance International Development is the distributor of CHS and  provides research & development of new products for CHS.   CHS provides bio-medical products and services for the medical research community. CHS has invested in our partner of contract manufacture facility.  
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We also try to provide the highest quality of  nutrition products based on scientific research and to educate people to have right nutrition everyday. We believe that optimum supply of nutrition included nutrition supplements that are essential to our body's normal metabolism and maintain a health status, will result in  prolong of  human's life span and reduce aging-related diseases.  we also consider that chemo-prevention of cancers is one of the most important aspects to fight against cancers.  

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mailing address:
927 N. Main Street
Orange, Ca 92867
Tel: 310-800-6668
Fax: 714-663-2613


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