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Biomedical Research products
Aging Research products/ pre-made Northern BlotsRNA Products
Biomedical services
Nutrition supplement services


  1. What's our services?
    CHS international research and West Alliance Development provide services that included Bio-medical service and nutrition supplement services.  both services are  designed for the business to business purposes. The bio-medical research service  include the following:

    • Bio-medical  consultation
    • Peptides synthesis center 
    • Pathology services
    • Technology transfer
    • Clinic trial management

    Nutrition supplement services included the following:

    • Wholesale service
    • Research and development of nutrition products
    • Label and packaging Designs
    • Web design and maintenance services for small and medium business
    • Applying of exporting documents for our clients


Bio-medical services

  1. Bio-medical consultation

    CHS and West Alliance Development provided consultation  services for people or companies who want to transfer or export their technologies or products to CHINA.  Please check contact page or e-mail  to contact us.


  2. Peptides synthesis center

    CHS and West Alliance Development provide peptides synthesis service for customers of  institutions and companies.  Please go to peptide synthesis center page for more information. 


  3. Pathology services


Nutrition supplement services

  1. Research and Development of nutrition products

    • We design and manufacture full line of nutrition supplement products.
    • We design and manufacture customized new products to meet customer's needs
    • We design new products and new formula based on new research data.
  2. Designs of label and package

  3. Raw material and ingredients supply 

  4. Preparing Export document  for our customers

  5. Web page design and maintenance

  6. Exporting documents 

         Applying for the exporting documents from US government for
         our clients.


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