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Pharmaceutical grade human growth hormone (HGH, injection)

For medical research only

Not approved by FDA for human injection in USA

10 IU/vial/3.3mg

wholesale package size: 100vial / package( 25cm X 25cm)

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Amino Acids :191

Basis: CP2000(China Pharmacopoeia 2000) and

          WHO (World Health Organization) Standard

Nomenclature: Human Growth Hormone for Injection.


rHGH is a white, loose powder. It is a kind of sterile, lyophilized formulation of recombinant human growth hormone, which has a molecular weight of 22 kilodalton, and is identical to the nature human growth hormone in amino acid sequence and three-dimension structure.

rHGH is indicated for the growth failure due to endogenous growth hormone deficiency (GHD). In recent years, it is widely used in the treatment to the burned and preservation for human aging.


rHGH exerts the action of growth improvement. It can significantly stimulate the weight increase of hypophysectomized rats. Clinical trail has also demonstrated that it could significantly improve the growth velocity of children with endogenous growth hormone deficiency (GHD).


It is reported that the equal pharmacological effect could be achieved via subcutaneous (SC) or intramuscular (IM) administration. Even though SC could lead a higher concentration of GH in plasma, IM could also yield the same IGF-1 level. The absorption of GH is relatively slow. Cmax often occur at 3 ~ 5 hours after injection. Clearance of GH is via liver and kidney, the half-life of clearance is about 2 ~ 3 hours, the un-metabolized GH excreted in urea is almost immeasurable. All of the GH in circulation system exist as a complex form with GH binding protein that make the half-life of GH prolonged.

Different administration time in a day does not affect the blood GH concentration. For the sake of such a fact that the GH peak concentration often appears during slow-wave sleeping in normal physiological state, injection just before going to bed should be the best choice.


rHGH is indicated for the growth failure due to endogenous growth hormone deficiency (GHD). In recent years, it is widely used in the treatment to the burned and preservation for human aging.


rHGH should be taken under the advice of experienced doctor. Dosage and therapeutic schedule could be individualized. The recommended dosage of rHGH is 0.1IU per kg body-weight daily SC administration just before going to bed. Injection position should be changed everyday to avoid the atrophy of adipose tissue.

When reconstitution, 1ml sterile water should be injected along the bottle wall, then swirl the its vial with a gentle rotary motion until the contents are completely dissolved, do not shake violently. The reconstituted solution of rHGH should be clear and transparent. If there was any unsoluble substance, discard it.


Slight pain, itch around the injection position had happened to minority patients at the beginning of administration in clinic trail of it. All of those adverse reactions were temporal and tolerable, and ceased in one or two weeks without any treatment.

Long-term and high dosage administration of rHGH may develop the antibodies in some patient. However, the antibodies concentration could be rarely up to as 2mg/l that might minimized the therapeutic effect.


1.It is contraindicated in those children whose terminus bone had been closed.

2.It is not recommended for those patients who suffered tumor.


1.It should be taken under the directions of experienced clinical doctor.

2.While dissolving with sterile water , it should be agitated gently rather violently. The solution should be clear and transparent. If mud appears, discard it.


In vials of 2 IU, 4 IU ,10 IU, etc.

Special Dose , processing Specially

In Bulk lyophilized powder form (packing : 200 milligrames per bottle, one milligrm is equivalent to 3.0 IUs )


Keep at 2 ~ 8 degrees centigrade ( 35.6~46.4 degrees Fahrenheit )away from light. The valid period is 24 months from the date of freeze-drying. The reconstituted solution can be stored at 2 ~ 8 Centidegree for 48 hours, do not be frozen.