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Physicin's desk      
For Physician, clinic, HMO, Health products retailers                                 

We directly supply our preventive product line to physician, clinic, HMO and Health product  retailers.

Omega 3 fatty acid (deep sea fish oil)/100 soft gel)
Lecithin (100 soft gel)
Oral spray HGH (30ml)
Natural HGH release (100 capsules)
OPC-super drink powder (100 grams)
Vitamin C powder (100 grams)
maletonin (3mg/60 tables)
women-care (60 capsules)
Eudilyn (for diabetes) (100 tabeles)
Keep visiting our web site and  we will have more preventive products and products of chemo prevention of cancer  coming soon...... )

For price and information, please e-mail us, or Fax (714-530-6593) us.



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