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Personalized nutrition service        

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CHS launched Personalized nutrition service that provides customized nutrition products based on individual health condition.  This is the first such kind of service in the world

1. What is personalized nutrition service? 
What kind of products that CHS can offer? 
 3. What kind of health problems that we could offer the help for?
 4. How to place an order?

1. What is personalized nutrition service?
Personalized nutrition service customized and formulated the products based on individual's health information provided by our clients.  The order could be as less as one bottle.
When consumers send us the request, we will formulate the products in small batch using the customized formula.  Most time the products will be shipped within 3 days after we received the orders.

2. What kind of customized products that CHS can offer?

Currently CHS offers drink powder form customized nutrition products. In  most cases, we use multiple anti-oxidants drink powder  as the base to make the personalized nutrition products.
Oxidant damage is one of the main causes of aging and diseases.  Our multiple anti-oxidants formula provides more than 4 anti-oxidants extracts included grape seed extract, bilberry extract, red wine extract, pine bark extract and citrus bioflavones.  It also contains Vitamin C.  This formula itself has received good consumer responses.

3. What kind of health problems that we could offer the help for? 

We might help you if you have the following health problems:
Nutrition related health problems, Aging related diseases such as diabetes, vascular and heart diseases, high risk of cancer included family history of cancer, overweight, bone and joint problems..... please  e-mail us your requests.

4. How to place order?

You could send us e-mail to place orders.  be sure to include all the information that we needed to do the formulation.  

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