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Peptide Synthesis Center


CHS Peptide Synthesis Center

Thank you for visiting and using CHS Peptide Synthesis Center.  Please use order ID listed below in all future references to this peptide. Please fax the following information to 310-473-8042 to order.
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    Peptide Notes


The peptides were synthesis using FMOC strategies on an Advanced ChemTech Multiple Peptide Synthesizer Model 369, cleaved at room temperature (cleavage mixture: 90% trifluoroacetate, 5% thioanisol, 3% ethanedithiol, 2% anisole), purified by reverse phase HPLC columun with elution by increasing concentration of acetonitrile and characterized by mass spectral analysis and high performance capillary electrophoresis.  the purity of the peptide will be at least >95%

The charge for the service:

basic charge: $175 each sequencer per mg plus

Itemized charge: $20 per amino acid. 

Optional charge: further  purification (purity >97%) will have $100 additional charge.

Shipping and handling: $35 for each order within North America.

Please go to contact page if you have any question.

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