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Multiple tissue Northern Blots (MTNB)

We supply high quality Multiple Tissue Northern Blots that are premade and are ready for immediate use with radioactive and non-isotopic probes. We manufactured MTNB and supplied MTNB to  biotech companies.  lab users are welcome to directly purchase from us.

we also supply customized MTNB by request.  Please go to contact page and fill the request form.  

Our MTNB are prepared using premium poly A+ RNA from several different human tissues.  The purified RNA is blotted onto a positively charged nylon member with each lane containing poly A+ RNA from specific tissues.  the amount of RNA on an MTNB is adjusted so that the -actin hybridization signal is of comparable intensity in every lane. with proper handling and stripping, an Blot can be reprobed several times.  MTNB are most suitable for detecting transcripts in the range of 0.5-10 kb.

Each kit included a Blot, a User Manual (UM 800-1), Human -Actin cDNA control probe, and 50 ml hybridization solution.

Storage Conditions:

-20 C for -Actin cDNA.  room temperature for MTNB and hybridization solution.



Catalog No.

List Price

Human Blot A Each 8001  $490
Human Blot B Each 8002  $490
Human Blot C Each 8003  $490
Human Blot D Each 8004  $490
Human Blot E Each 8005  $490
Human Blot F Each 8006  $490
Human Blot 12A Each 8007  $550
Human Blot 12B Each 8008  $550
Human digestion system Each 8009  $490
Human Brain 1  Each 8010  $550
Human Brain 2  Each 8011  $550
Human Cardiovascular Each 8012  $550
Human Immune system  Each 8013  $550
Human fetal Each 8014  $490
Human muscle Each 8015  $490
Human endocrine Each 8016  $550
Human Fetal Multiple tissue Each 8017  $550
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