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  Oral Spray IGF-1     


Oral spray IGF-1 - Growyoung oral spray IGF-1

Please check our special wholesale program to receive great prices.  The finished product is for export only, not for retail sale in US*.  
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Retail is available                                                    1 oz   30ml   $120
                                                                                    Two for     $210

Bulk supply (each  in 500 ml package and minimum 3,000 oz)  and wholesale available, please call or go to contact us page for quotes or go to wholesale list page for more products.

IGF-1 (also known as somatomedine C) is produced naturally in the body. The pituitary gland produces Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and almost immediately (about two minutes) it is converted by the liver into the powerful growth-promoting hormone IGF-1.  Human growth hormone exerts most of its effects through IGF-1. 

IGF-1 is the channel through which other hormones and anabolic agents must pass before they can achieve their positive effect on muscle tissue, glands and even the blueprint on life itself, DNA. 

IGF-1 is regarded by researchers as the primary youth-promoting factor of HGH. There is no other substance known to man that has such a far reaching ability to slow down the aging process. People who are interested in reducing the symptoms of aging, are interested in living a longer, healthier and more active lives and people who are body builders can all benefit from IGF-1. 

According to researchers, IGF-1 can increase lean body mass, reduce fat, help build bone, muscle and nerves. While supplementation of some hormones is known to help promote anti-aging, HGH and IGF-1 go far beyond the scope of the other hormones in helping to prevent biological aging.  IGF-1 has also been shown to repair nerve damage, which not only occurs from accidents, but also from poor nutrition, stress, disease and pollution. Since our nervous system powers all the other systems in the body it is important that we receive the proper nutrients for this, which includes IGF-1. 
Not only is IGF-1 responsible for stimulation of muscle mass formation, but it works in conjunction with HGH to bring the cells in our body the raw materials they need for renovation and repair.  They work together in a synergistic manner enhancing each others abilities, and although they both do many of the same things, there are also functions each of them performs that the other does not. 

Usage:  Take 2-3 sprays 2-3 times daily. 

Supplement Factors:
Recombinant human IGF-1               40 ng/ml 
Colostrum Extract                              40 mg/ml

Product Knowledge: Growyoung Oral spray IGF-1 is a good product to fight aging** and received good consumer responses, but it is certainly not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Also, pregnant or lactating women should not use this product without consulting with a health care practitioner. Those under 18 should not use this product.  

Reseal tightly after opening and keep in dry place.

Expired two years after manufacture.  

Attention Distributors:
All orders (bulk or finished products) that were directly shipped from CHS were manufactured within 30 days after the orders were placed.  

** This statement is not evaluated by FDA.  This product is not intend to treat or cure any diseases.

This product is in the nutrition supplement and food category.  

*: not for retail sale in US.  Any one purchased this finished products (Growyoung oral spray  IGF-1) in wholesale price should be for export only.  Do not resell in US.  It is forbidden by our policy to sell this finished product in US.