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Credit card Payment         

We accept payments of Visa and Mastercard




How to pay by credit card:

1. The information needed for processing of credit card payment 
Request payment from you with an e-mail address  
 3. Call us to place order
 4. order by E-mail
 5.  International buyers

1. The information needed for processing credit card payment

To  protect both consumers and us from the stolen and fraudulent credit cards, we need the following  information  to process your orders
1). your credit card number, name of card holder and the expire date.
2). The CVV2 value.  The CVV2 value is a 3-digit number printed at the end of the credit card number on the signature panel on the back of the credit card. 
3). The AVS verification
We need the detail address of your credit card to make the  AVS verification.

2. Request payment from you with an e-mail address

After we receive your e-mal request of orders, you will receive an e-mail instructing you how to pay using your credit card.  
Please send us e-mail with the items that you want to purchase.  we will send you  request payment e-mail.  after you fill the information of your credit card (see above) and send back to us, we will process the payment.

3. Call us to place order 

You could call us to place orders by credit card.   However before you call us, please send us an e-mail to confirm the item number and shipping cost.

4. Order by e-mail

You could send us e-mail to place orders.  be sure to include all the information that we needed to process.  

5. International buyers

In most cases, we only accept credit card payment from our existing international clients.

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