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Immune-Enhancing Supplement

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Retail is not available                           60 capsules/bottles         $9.75
                                                                   Two for                         $17.75
 Bulk supply and wholesale are available, please call or go to contact us page for quotes.

One supplement created with proven immune-enhancing properties is Colostrum.  A nutrition-dense liquid filled with immunoglobulins (immune-supporting antibodies),  Colostrum is the first form of substance ingested by newborns who are breast fed and lays the groundwork for optimal health.  When colostrum is produced, the breast expresses a copy of the humoral immune system, so colostrum contains everything that is in the immune system. Bovine colostrum is packed with10-20 times more immune factors than human colostrum because, as opposed to human infants that receive at least half of their immunity form their mother through the placenta, baby calves receive almost all of their immunity  through colostrum.  Without it, most calves do not survive.

Colostrum is the only substance that contains a full range of growth hormones, included skin growth hormones designed to make our bowels whole and well.

To assure the quality, CHS International research's colostrum has been tested for 27 different active antibodies by placing the colostrum and the pathogen in petri dishes to determine if the colostrum will destroy the pathogens.  The antibodies in CHS's Colostrum have proven effective against flu, cold, all of the pathogens that cause diarrhea, strep., staph., E coli, etc..

          Supplement Factors
          per serving 2 capsules
                                        quantity               % RDV

           Colostrum                         850 mg                    *

*: Daily value not established.

         Reseal tightly after opening and keep in dry place.

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