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Unite States Recommended Daily Intake (Daily Value)
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     Calcium and Magnesium are essential minerals for the building of bones and teeth and are extremely critical for the proper functioning of both skeletal  muscles and the heart. Because they are difficult to absorb, most people should supplement with them.

     Calcium/Magnesium  is a superior product  because it focuses on the absorption problem in two ways; (1) it is an isotonic product of high quality, organic Calcium and Magnesium to meet each individual's needs. It is immediately dissolved in the water. (2) it assures an acidic media in which Calcium and Magnesium are best absorbed. It  includes a team of vitamins and trace elements necessary to properly utilize Calcium and Magnesium. Boron helps maintain Calcium levels in the body  once it is absorbed.

     Suggested Use:

     One capful of Calcium/Magnesium twice a day mixed with water or juice provide 1,000 mg each of both Calcium and Magnesium.

      Contains no preservatives, sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, milk, soy derivatives, artificial flavoring or coloring agents.


     We probably need more Calcium and Magnesium than any other vitamin or mineral because they are the primary building blocks of bones, teeth and muscles. Many foods contain these valuable minerals, especially calcium, so many people supplement their diets with calcium. yet Calcium remains high on the list of minerals in which people are deficient.

     It is not how much Calcium and Magnesium you obtain from the foods you eat and supplements you take, but rather how much your body ABSORBS and UTILIZES. Very simply, Calcium is difficult to absorb for most people.  Life Plus understands that the name of the game is absorption and utilization; therefore, Calcium/Magnesium is more than just a straight Calcium supplement. It  includes an abundant amount of Magnesium and other specific nutrients your body needs in order to absorb and utilize both Calcium and Magnesium to its fullest potential. 

     Your body needs adequate amounts of Magnesium in order to absorb calcium and it also needs adequate amounts of Calcium to utilize Magnesium.    Vitamin D-3 is also included because it is necessary for both the absorption and utilization of Calcium.

     Any Calcium supplement that does not contain Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D is simply not of much value in terms of absorption and utilization in the body.

    Boron is added to help maintain Calcium levels in the body once it is absorbed. Studies have shown that less Calcium is excreted in the urine if adequate levels of Boron are present. 


     Many Calcium supplements contain only inexpensive, inorganic forms of Calcium, such as oxides or carbonates. In general, most of these products are not worthwhile because most of the Calcium is not absorbed. Different individuals seem to be able to absorb different forms of Calcium and Magnesium. This is why CHS's  Calcium/Magnesium contains numerous sources of Calcium and Magnesium including citrates, chelates, aspartates, gluconates, ascorbates, glycerophosphates and lactates.


     Individuals who are allergic to dairy products (a major source of Calcium in the American diet) can easily become deficient in Calcium and need Calcium/Magnesium to make up for the loss of this source of Calcium. During pregnancy, mothers need a great deal of Calcium and Magnesium to ensure the proper development of the fetal bones, muscles and teeth and to ensure that the mother's own mineral stores are not depleted. For the same reason, lactating mothers should continue to supplement their diets with Calcium/Magnesium. 

        Growing children need extra Calcium in their diets to ensure continuing development of muscles, bones and teeth. If they maintain proper levels of  Calcium, they will have less tendency toward cavities and broken bones. Calcium/Magnesium is the perfect supplement for them. Anyone who drinks large amounts of soft drinks need extra amounts of Calcium/Magnesium, because of the leaching effects of the ortho phosphoric acid.  Carbonated, phosophorylated soft drinks are one cause of bone degeneration and the increased incidence of this problem has been shown to correspond to the increased consumption.

     Calcium and Magnesium are absolutely necessary for healthy muscles. Inadequate levels can lead to muscle cramping, especially in the legs. 

     Elderly people find it increasingly difficult to absorb Calcium and in general don't seem to get enough Magnesium. They often develop osteoporosis, a condition where Calcium erodes from the bones causing them to become weak and brittle. Elderly people should supplement their diets with Calcium/Magnesium

     Calcium and Magnesium are often called "Nature's Tranquilizers" because of their natural calmative effect, not only for muscles but for the nervous system as well.

         HOW TO TAKE Calcium/Magnesium

     It is usually recommended that most people take one capful of Calcium/Magnesium (dissolved in 50 ml water) two times per day, usually  before meals. This supplies 1,000 mg each of   both Calcium and Magnesium and represents 100% of the RDA for Calcium and 250% for Magnesium. Individual needs will vary. Older individuals and pregnant or lactating women should consider taking more.

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