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Bio-Calcium & Bio-Vitamin C



                             2,500mg/tables               90 tablets/bottle                   $39.95     

Growyoung and GreenDew brands of BioVc-Calcium  are specially  formulated to provide the most effective Vitamin C Calcium  and bioactive collagens  products in the market.  

Based on four US patents

This product provides  patented  Vitamin C and Calcium ingredients (based on four US patents) and Biocell collagen II (based on one US patent).

Based on research data

Based on medical research data, BioVc-Calcium  also contains nutrition ingredients that help and support normal bone metabolism and enhance the Vitamin C biological effects.  

This special formulation contains several important minerals too, such as magnesium.....  

Mechanism of the active ingredients :

According to the US  patents, the patented ingredients can not only effectively enhance the absorption of Calcium  vitamin C (calcium Ascorbate ), other nutrition and minerals even some of therapeutically active compounds  but also reduced the excretion of minerals, vitamin C and other nutrition from the kidney, increased the concentration and the  retention of these nutrition,  minerals and some therapeutically active compounds in the blood circulation, therefore greatly enhanced the biological effectiveness of these ingredients.   

In an animal study of the patents that our product based on, The dog suffered movement disorders fed with the patented ingredients (included Calcium vitamin C) had significant relief of pain of chronic deforming changes in the joint and skeleton system in most cases.  Neither calcium-Vitamin C  along nor vitamin C alone give such relief.

Why BioVc-calcium is better

There is a similar product in the market called Biocalth that only contains calcium L-threonate .  This product was based on one US patent.  However, the manufacture method  of the same active ingredient in  this patent  are based on US patent that we cited here and other similar method.  

the proprietary formula of BioVc-calcium  contains not only calcium adldonic acid derivatives, It has calcium vitamin C, milk calcium (known to have the best absorption ) , magnesium and vitamin D.  these nutrition and minerals are well known and essential to maintain and support the health of our bone and have been used to treat osteoporosis, rickets.  The patented active ingredient, greatly enhanced the absorption of the nutrition and increased the retention of these nutrition in the blood circulation, therefore having better results 

The high dose of calcium vitamin C contained in BioVc-calcium provides best biological active  vitamin C.


Suggested Use: Take one tablet three times a day.  This product increases absorption of Vitamin C minerals included calcium, magnesium.  It also increases the blood concentration and the utilization of these biological compounds and minerals*. It supplies all trace minerals (73 minerals) from coral calcium. 
Keep out of reach of children.  Keep bottle tightly closed.  Store in cool dry place.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 3 tablets
Amount 3 tablets:
Vitamin C                  500 mg            1300%
(From Calcium Ascorbates*)                     
Calcium                     1000 mg          100%
Vitamin D3                100 IU               25%
Magnesium              100 mg            25%
Zinc                            3.8 mg             25%
Biocell Collagen II   250mg              *
Vitamin C Calcium, Biocell Collagen II, Milk Calcium, Collagen,  Coral Calcium, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin D3.
* Contains Ester-C  mineral ascorbates. Licensed under US Patents No. 4,822,816,
4,968,716  and 5,070,085. This product contains Ester-C that is licensed trademarks of inter-cal Nutriceuticals.
** Also contained Biocell Collagen II, Licensed under US Patents No.   



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