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Skin care/ Green Dew Skin Food

Green Dew Skin Food

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Retail is available                                                    1 OZ/30ml   $35.75
                                                                                  2 for          $55.75

Bulk supply available,  please check bulk supply page, or go to contact us page if you need help.  We have special wholesale program for this item.  Please check here for prices

- A new concept skin cleanser and nutrient product in our Green Dew line manufactured by CHS International Research. USA

Green Dew Skin Food, a high-tech skin nutrient & cleanser, is 100% manufactured from fresh fruits and vegetables. Its formula is based on thousands of years of  Sino-Japan traditional medicine.  It has the following features:

(1). Produced from more than 10 fresh fruits and vegetables, retaining all of the phytic nutrients from these plants.
(2). No chemicals are used during the manufacturing process and  no artificial additives are included.
(3). Most nutrients are digested into small molecules that the skin can easily absorb.
(4). It is a good skin cleaner and an amazing keratin peeling product.  It will show results in 5 minutes.
(5). No similar products exist on the market.
(6). Spring Dew is so pure, it is editable.

Green Dew is rich in nutrients including all ten of the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the skin can easily absorb.  Spring Dew can facilitate skin metabolism, helping to repair the damage caused by environment, alcohol, smoking and aging.  It can improve the skinís appearance (skin becomes tender, healthful and moisturized).  It contains many natural fruit acids and including citric acid that cleanse the skin, shrink the pores, kill the bacteria, remove the grease and dirt. It also contains phytin that can soften the keratin. It can neutralize some toxins ,stop the itch of the skin. and reduce the stimulation caused by soap.


(1). Skin cleaning and nutrient: Wet the skin with warm water, apply several drops of Spring Dew on the skin for 1 minute (up to 15 minutes), wash the skin and pat dry.

(2).Cleaning and keratin peeling: Apply several drops of Green Dew on the skin that needs cleaning,  Wait for 2-3 minutes. Then massage the skin ( gently and repeatedly pressing the skin with your fingers) several times. A gray material will form (that contains the peeled old layers of keratin, dust, grease and bacteria).  Wash and dry the skin.

(3). Conditioner for hair and skin:  Use 1:4 Spring Dew: water dilution as hair conditioner.


Fresh orange, lemon, cucumber, apple, rice, carrot, banana, potato, cabbage, pineapple, ginger, ginseng.

 It is normal to see that small particles (cell's debris) suspend in Green Dew Skin Food.

Reseal tightly after opening and keep in dry place.     

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