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Nutrition supplement
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  CHS manufactured and distributed following  products in bulk 

 HGH Releaser Drink Powder
 P-1 for Cancer
 P-2 for Heart
P-3 for Aging 
 Grape Seed (France)
 Grape Skin (France)
Apple Pectin                     
72 Trace Minerals 
 Royal Jelly
Bee pollen
  1. Multiple vitamins and minerals  

  2. Isotonic products

  3. Oral spray, oral drop HGH, and natural HGH releaser or enhancer (capsule, powder).

  4. Chemo-prevention and Cancer preventive Preventive formula 1

  5. Prevention of Cardiovascular diseases

  6. Blood sugar lowing products

  7. OPC-3 and other anti-oxidant products Lycopene, soy isoflavones....

  8. Multiple trace minerals products  

  9. Multiple Dietary fiber Drink Powder

  10. Children products

  11. Memory enhancement

  12. Essential fatty acids 

  13. Cholesterol lowing products and weight Control formula

  14. Natural fiber products and fat block products

  15. Women care products

  16. Sport nutrition products

  17. Full line of skin care products

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                                        Retail Items:
oral spray HGH
click here
OPC-super (isotonic)
super anti-oxidant
 click here
Natural HGH Releaser
100 cap
click here
Oral drop HGH
click here
IGF-1.jpg (10857 bytes)
Oral spray IGF-1

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Green Dew
Skin Food
 click here
Memory enhancer  60 caps   
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WomenCare  60 caps          click here
60 caps

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blood sugar lowing 
click here

72 super minerals (isotonic)
100 g        
click here

Chitosan-Fat blocker
60 caps 
click here
single fiber bottle.jpg (27474 bytes)
Dietary Fiber Drink Powder
225 grams 
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Grape seed
50mg/60 caps    click here

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Joint EZ 
120 cap.   
click here
HGH releaser powder.jpg (20437 bytes)
Natural HGH Releaser drink Powder
400 grams 
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Preventive formula 1 (cancer prevention)
60 Cap.  click here
Lycopene.jpg (18067 bytes)
12 mg/60 cap 
click here
soy isoflavone.jpg (16941 bytes)
Soy isoflavones
60 mg/60 cap.   click here
liver image.jpg (17008 bytes)
Liver formula
100 cap.  click here
fish oil.jpg (16366 bytes)
Fish Oil (180/120) 1000mg
100 cap  
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lecithin imaging.jpg (18913 bytes)
Lecithin 1000 mg
100 cap.  
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Bio-VC calcium
100 tablets 
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1,000mg, 90 softgels/bottle
Click here
60 capsules/bottle
Red Wine Extract


Shipping & Handling

US & Canada only) Currently, all products are shipped USPS Priority Mail. Charges are calculated as follows:
$1 - $80 = $8.50       $80.01+ = $11.00
FREE shipping on Internet orders over $130
International shipping is available for an additional cost.

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