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Hair Fibers
                                                                       DeXe Hair Fibers
DeXe Hair fibers is an all-natural, non-toxic alternative for balding/thinning hair. Only DeXe Hair uses Smart Fiber Technology to ensure the strongest hold possible. Smart Fiber Technology was carefully designed to electro statically charge the cotton fibers with an exact level of energy for results with maximum holding potential. DeXe Hair consists of a unique complex of 100% natural cotton fibers that build upon your existing hair. They produce dramatic density with volume and totally undetectable coverage to your thinning and balding areas. The fibers attach to your existing hair follicles through a naturally occurring static charge which creates a strong hold that lasts all day.  In seconds, thousands of DeXe Hair color-matched fibers will intertwine with your existing hair, and will not stain or smear.
Sprinkle over the thinning area until completely covered. Pat hair gently to blend the DeXe Hair fibers with your own natural hair. When you apply DeXe Hair, the fibers attach seamlessly to your hair to create a thicker head of hair. The various natural-looking hair colors are available in Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Gray and Black. When choosing your DeXe Hair color, we strongly recommend choosing a shade darker than your original color to achieve best results. For those who are blonde, we recommend Light Brown. Includes: 1 x DeXe Hair Hair Building Fibers (Black)- 22 g/bottle
Each 22 grams/bottle for $24.95 ((listing: $49.95, save: $24.00 (50%) plus S & H $4.00/bottle
order 4 bottles with any mixed color, $19.95/each (save $30.00(60%) plus S & H $8.00/4 bottles
Promotion Prices available from July to Oct., 2013
promotion code: JOCT13
Promotion prices: each 22 grams/bottle: $12.95 plus S & H $4.00/bottle.  
                        order 4 bottles, $10.95/bottle plus S & H $8.00/4 bottles

The following colors of the DeXe hair fibers are in stock:

Dark brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Dark Blond

send money orders or cashier checks to:

927 N. Main Street
Orange, CA 92867
or pay by, please send us e-mail to receive request payment e-mail sent by paypal.

Distributors, wholesalers and retailers, send e-mail or call 310-800-3336 for quotes.

Made by Nature Fiber (Cotton) and Natural, Mineral-Based Colorants From Mother Nature.
made by nature fiber (cotton)

Feedback from the users

I had used Caboki for awhile and liked it, but wanted to find a less expensive option. So I tried DeXe Hair and really love it. It is almost the exact same product as Caboki, but it is a little finer, and I think, because of that, lasts a little longer (and it is half the price). If you are looking for an alternative, I would highly recommend this. I will be buying this from now on.


This product worked very well and was completely undetectable on my hair other than covering up places where my scalp showed through! However, it says to apply daily which means you go through a container pretty fast. Not sure it's worth the daily fee! I found I was not using it because I didn't want to get used to it and then have to keep buying it!
Also, it seemed like I should probably wash my hair every day to wash out the remains and I don't usually do that. Not sure what a build up on my scalp would do.
I have a habit of running my hands through my hair frequently, and I could sort of feel the difference. Got a little under my nails when I scratched my scalp. So I guess your satisfaction would depend on your personal habits and your budget.  



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